Midnight Rugby History

Midnight Rugby will be held for the 10th time in 2018. The tournament, formerly known as the Baltic Plate, whic ran for 8 years, is almost as old Helsinki Rugby Club itself, which is Finland's oldest club.

2013 Midnight Rugby report

2012 Midnight Rugby report

2011 Midnight Rugby report

2010 Midnight Rugby report

2007 Baltic Plate report

Past Champions


2017 - Rahoo Rangers, Ireland
2016 - Rahoo Rangers, Ireland
2015 - Rahoo Rangers, Ireland
2014 - Entente Montbéliard Belfort Ascap Rugby, France
2013 - Warriors RC, Finland
2012 - RC t'Gooi, Netherlands
2011 - Warriors RC, Finland
2010 - Les Kebabs, Drancy, France
2009 - Wandering Hands RFC - Bristol, England
2008 - Denton Wilde Sapte, England
2007 - UTM Moldova, Moldova
2006 - Attila Rugby Club, Sweden


2016 - Helsinki Rugby Club Ladies, Finland
2015 - Helsinki Rugby Club Ladies, Finland
2014 - Vantaa Salampallo RK, Finland
2013 - Moose on the Loose, Finland
2012 - Khimki Ladies, Russia
2011 - Finland Barbababas, Finland
2010 - Helsinki Rugby Club Ladies, Finland
2007 - Jyväskylä Rugby Club, Finland

Previous guests

Midnight Rugby has welcomed many quality players and teams over the years from all over Europe, and look forward to continuing long into the future.


Helsinki Rugby Club
Helsinki Rugby Club II
Helsinki Rugby Club Ladies - 2010, 2015 Champions
Finland Barbababas - 2011 Champions
Finland Moomins
Finland Old Boys
Finland Under 20s
Jyväskylä Rugby Club
Jyväskylä Rugby Club Ladies - 2007 Champions
Kotka Griffins
Kuopio RC
Lahti Rugby Club
Linna Rugby Club
Moose on the Loose - 2013 Champions
Old Groove
Oulu Rugby Club
Porvoo Old Town Shamrocks
Rauma Ice Pack
Rovaniemi Rugby Klubi
Tampere Rugby Club
Turku Eagles
Vaasa Rugby Club
Warriors Rugby Club - 2011 Champions
Warriors Rugby Club Ladies
West Coast Barbarians
Young Guns
Northern Stars (Jyväskylä/Oulu/Rovaniemi)
National Team Old Skool
Vantaa Salamapallo RK - 2014 Champions
Student Helsinki International Team
Linna RC
Woolshed Rams
SURK Dirty Old Men
The Lions


Rodent RFC - Edinburgh
University of Dundee Women's Rugby Club - DUWRFC

United States of America

Tigers RFC - USA
St. Paul RFC
Thunder Box Rangers - Cleveland Womens Rugby


Wildcats - RC CERN Meyrin St-Genis


Wan Chai Wanderers


Rahoo Rangers - 2015 Champions


ACBB Corpo et vieilles cannes - Paris
AOC Cocks - Paris
ES Nanterre
Les Nawacks
Ocean Rugby Club - Paris
RC Vincennes - Paris
RCPB Villecresnes
Reporters Sans Manière - Paris Media
SCUF - Les Vieux cochons
Stade Francais Paris- Old Hirelings Rugby
Les Vrais Faux Rebonds
Les Kebabs, Drancy - 2010 Champions
Rugby Club du Plateau Briard I
Rugby Club du Plateau Briard II
Toast d'Aqui
Entente Montbéliard Belfort Ascap Rugby - 2014 Champions
Glas Manchots
French Flair


Denton Wilde Sapte - 2008 Champions
CMS Cameron McKenna
Wandering Hands RFC - Bristol - 2009 Champions
Old Albanian I
Old Albanian II
5 Rifles
London Oompa-Loompas
University of East Anglia - Beastility Girls


Team Khimki - 2012 Champions
RC MEPHI - Moscow State Engineering Physics Institute
Moscow Dragons RFC
RC Sistema
St Petersburg White Knights
RC Shturm


Attila Rugby Club - 2006 Champions
FC Lagamba
Hammarby IF
Stockholm Exiles II Stockholm Exiles


ASD Mastini Melegnano


RC t'Gooi - 2012 Champions
Te Werve RFU


Tallinn Sharks
RFC Märjamaa Vikat


University of Technology of Moldova - 2007 Champions


Hereford Rhinos


RFC Livonia
RC Miesnieki